My son saved me!

Domestic Violence Started After Moving In Together

I had been dating this guy for only a couple weeks. He always wanted to be around me at all times, but I did not think much of it. Not much time passed and I moved in with him. At first things were good, joking around and laughing. We would wrestle around, and he choked me. I started to pass out. I started to cry. He let go and hugged me and told me that he was sorry; he did not mean to hurt me. I believed it.

Death Threats Controlled Me

After that he used to threaten me. If I left him, he would kill me and my family. I was scared and lost. I had no idea what to do. But a couple days later we woke up and started arguing. He took everything out on me. I told him I could not do it anymore. I was leaving. He threw me into the wall, and with his hand around my neck choking me, I was lifted up off the ground. My son started crying. I was lucky it gave me the strength to fight back. I punched him right in the face. He feel to the ground. I grabbed my son and left. He followed me, apologizing until I was able to get help.

Mother's Courage to Protect Her Child

If it were not for my son, I would not have found the courage to fight thru. I never told anyone in my family what happened. Only a couple of my closest friends know what really happened.

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