Old Supposed Best Friend

by Anna Larsen
(North Brunswick NJ 08902)

Okay, so I have known this girl I was friends with for seven years. I used to go to high school with her. We started hanging out. Me thinking, "okay she's cool, she's a good person," boy was I wrong. After I started talking to her more and more, she wanted me to move in with her for the summer in 2013, so I did. We lived in PA, and I ended up getting beat by her and used. So, I just said, "whatever, I'm going to let it go by." She had something going on in her life, and she didn't know how to go about it, but to beat on me.

Anyway, after that, I moved back home with my parents, the best decision I've made. Until I ended up forgiving her for what she did to me because I wanted her as a friend. I thought, "okay this won't happen again." Well, I moved back in with her in a one bedroom room she was renting at the time. Things were okay so far. Until it started happing again. Then, she says sorry once again. I forgave her and moved back in. Mind you this had happened to me four times before I learned the hard way that that's what and who she was.

At the end of it all the last trip I did living with her I had gotten a lawsuit before moving in with her, and she found out about the 52 grand that was coming my way in a few months. So we planned to get me a car, nevermind I I don't have a license yet. I'm 23 years old. I just haven't gotten it. Anyways, so I get the lawsuit, and she used me to the fullest. She beat me a few more times. She had terrible bipolar and anxiety and other issues, but she hit me and used me, and stole my card that I got from Social Security at the time. Mind you I was getting money from the state as I had the lawsuit. I did that because she brainwashed me and said don't tell the state you have all this money coming in on top of 750$ a month. So then the government closed my debit card account because she spent $52,000 in less than 49 days of having the card.

So after that, she uses me for my money. I was scared to say no to anything and everything she wanted me to do because how I used to get beat by her. After that I had my parents get me. I had to lie to the girl saying I'm having my parents visit for the weekend, which was a visit until I told my parents what was going on and how I was scared to tell her I didn't want to live with her anymore because I was scared. I was going to get beat for leaving her high and dry. The money was gone. We bought stuff and had to sell it for some reason. I don't remember why we had to sell all of the things we purchased. She bought off my card, but the gist of the story is I got beat and abused and used and brainwashed.

I came home to my parent's house and then got a detective in PA to investigate this whole thing because I saw it was a fraud. She had hold of my debit card all the time. She even had it when I was home, and she left with it. I had bought a BMW with the money also, but anyways I'm still suffering a lot from what happened to me. I did like her. That's why I decided to keep giving her chances. I don't know, but I suffer now from severe anxiety and depression, and I have bipolar and PTSD. I know this is kind of all over the place, but the whole thing is she caused me many problems now. Certain things I get flashbacks from the stuff that happened there. I don't know how to go about the flashbacks and how to get rid of sitting on all of this

So if anyone has advice, please feel free to comment, or if there is some advocate I can talk to about this that would be great or chat for people who survived domestic violence, please reach out to me I have Instagram, and Facebook thank you, please try to understand. Also, my detective is going to the bank this week and getting surveillance videos hopefully of her using my card. Probably, if he does, he is going to talk to the prosecutor and see if they can arrest her for fraud. I just really needed to speak to someone and I hope some people can relate to me. Thank you. I'm not a bad person I don't deserve that, and I don't fight back.

Please reach out to me with advice, thank you. ~ Anna~

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