✨💫OUT OF THe DArkNess ✨💫

by Janet Johnston
(lexington park Md)

What to do What to say 😶When everything shifted somehow and you are treated some kind of way 😶 Where to go Where to run 😶When your embaressed hurting and can't tell no one 😶 When from the outside looking in they say aww your family is so nice 😶But if they lived in your shoes they would think twice😶 For to live your life around people in public like a false charade 😶Is like performing in a parade 😶. You learn to not feel and after you were hit kicked stomped to go out two seconds later and put on a smile 😶You learn that after you are attacked it might get better for a lil while 😶 You learn your stuck in a world of lies and pretend😶And you pray every day to break free and it be the end 😶You learn its nothing you can do wrong or right 😶Cuz no matter what it happens to you you can't even fight 😶. It's like your a prisoner who for their benefit and good graces lives and pretends 😶And it starts to crush your spirit and your soul bends 😶. And if your lucky your soul won't completely break 😶And one day you'll find your POWER from nowhere but for some from the darkness to the light they can't awake😶To stay in the darkness is the worst fate 😶So 18 years later I say it's NEVER to late 😶Take back the power you so blindly gave to them and put your darkness to an end 😶And walk in the light and your soul and heart can begin to mend 😶It took 18 years for me to step outta the darkness and into the light 😶And NOW I'm living now and though what's been done doesn't seem right 💔I will continue to put up a fight 💖Cause everyone and anyone deserves to be treated right 💘

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Hoping the darkness is gone
by: Anonymous

Dear Janet - I hope you are indeed out of the darkness. I have been informed people tend to go back to their abusers, or even have to leave numerous times before they stay out for good. I hope you have the support needed to build your life in the "light". Sometimes all you need is a small inner voice or a small initial act that is what leads you to great places. I'm hoping you stay in the light and build a healthy, happy life.

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