Poem. A woman looking into her life's fragile expectations.


Amidst the clover carpet fields - One tiny dandelion
Took shield
Immature so green the shoots - and ever thirsty
were her roots

She grew and grew at best- head and shoulders
above the rest
And by succulent juvenescence - she was dressed

In grand procession the clocks of life kept time
She quivered so at every chime
Her little head no longer a golden tuff- Now just-
a filigree
A faint white powder puff

To constant tests her strengths were put - to prove
what was the making of her stuff- lets see -
In teasing breezes she danced in sprite
such a dance was such delight
But to the westerlies hot breathless gusts-
her roots clung firmly to the dust

And as the westerlies blew until hoarse - the powder puff
just lost her course

Into a thousands filaments she did disintegrate -
Just another victim of the climate

Fluttering high in bewilderment - where now ----
Will her seedlings germinate

Carmel Australia 5.11.90

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