I live in a hot east bay town in california. I am in menopause now. I have horrable night sweats and heat flashes in the day. My husband never leaves the house except to go the gym for one hour every other day with his mom, and he has to go to work, which he only goes on Tuesday and Wednesday for about 3 hours a day. So, its obvious his mom supports all his needs. We're 52. He used to golf, go to concerts, and now he just sits on the couch and says he is cold. I do all the housework and cooking, and he mowes the lawn.

If i turn the a/c on, he freaks and cusses me to no end. At over 80 degrees he says he is cold. Yesterday was 103 degrees. I got sick. My question is: do you think this is a form of abuse to not let me be cool to the point of hospitalization?

My email is {deleted by host, please leave comments to this post in lieu of email}.

I welcome any advice and opinions on this. Thank you so much and bless you all.


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You are strong and beautiful
by: Maryann

Yes my dear girl I believe this is emotional, mental and least of all verbal abuse. The words he spoke are not my primary concern,but the intent behind them is. I believe he is trying to control you and keeping you in a compromised state makes it easier for him to work his torment as he wishes. I worry he will continue and perhaps even escalate things. Please trust your gut instincts and know you are strong.

Verbal Abuse???
by: Anonymous

It is verbal abuse

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