Rainonme In California

by rainonme incalifornia

I was 7 months pregnant.

My husband took me for a drive out in the country, some 50 miles from no where. He stopped the car and stepped out to stretch his legs. So, I too got out to do the same. As soon as I was out of the car, he grabbed my purse and threw it as far as he could over the bobbed wire fence into a creek bed. My purse has never been recovered. Its been 26 yrs.

I have a book of the things he did to me over the years. After he threw my purse, he got into the car and drove off.

It was getting dark now.

All that was around were cows and other animal sounds. I was cold and thirsty, and I fell and was afraid for my unborn baby. I guess some four or five hours went by. Finally, a van drove by. The lady was the angel that saved my life. She took me to the hospital where I found out that I was having a son.

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my hell
by: Anonymous

omg-over 18 yrs i have been punched-including my head, kicked, slapped upside my head, pushed, toes stomped, burned with a cig, pinned by his knees and hands, had a few hard things(including a 48 ct box of crayons)thrown at me,dragged,he tried to take my phone,head pressed against a wall,clothes cut,light shone in my eyes despite trying to block it,and he farted in my face. i have no one to help at all, cannot get a job and police don't care anymore due to lies by him and his mommy. if i fight back i may get arrested too, or alone. dear mommy can witness anything and still call me a liar as well, and they tell me to shut up. she attacks too and gets away with it now. also if i try going past when they block my way or i push their hands, that's assault. i get trapped, cornered and threatened with death. not allowed to physically or verbally defend myself.for them, things happen that didn't and vice versa. i hope to not die each time.this is no Lifetime Movie shit so i'm fucked

Glad you are telling your story
by: Anonymous

Impossible to figure out how a husband can deliberately cause harm to his wife and unborn child. I assume you may still be with this man? If so, you have developed a range of coping strategies. I think coping comes to us thru divine channels. I also think all those divine things will be with you and help you if you decide to leave. I wish for you wisdom to make whatever decision is best for you. You may never hear it but I think you already have the strength and skills needed to have the life you want. I am hoping you are ok. Bless you.

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