Signs Of Domestic Violence

by Melissa

There Are Many Signs Of Domestic Violence!

Mine Was Being Thrown In A Laundry Basket Cuz I Did Fold His Clothes The Right Way

But I Thought He Loved Me 2 Much 2 Ever Do It Again!

  • After Getting Kicked In Every Part Of My Body,
  • Getting Kicked In The Back Of My Neck With A Cowboy Boot Cuz I Was Walking Down The Stairs 2 Slow,
  • Getting My Face Slammed On The Dashboard Cuz He Didn't Like The Way I Looked At Him,
  • Getting My Face Slammed In 2 The Bathroom Mirror, Bathroom Sink, & Wall Cuz I Put Makeup On!

If I Would've Listened 2 My Gut & Walked Away!

I Share My Story So That It Could Help Some1 Not Make The Mistake I Made By Staying!

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by: Anonymous

Are you out now? If so, you're a survivor and I'm very proud of you.

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