Still struggling contd.

by Julie Rice
(Phoenix, Az)

Just when I thought my ex had done every imaginable, underhanded, devious act against me, I was just informed that my house payment, which his name is still on, is going up $300.00 a month as of August. I was never advised about an increase and in fact, didn't even know the loan was still in my name until the divorce in January. My ex had told me that he refinanced the house in his name only because he screwed up my credit so bad 10 years ago.

How can he raise my rent in 15 days?

Had my divorce attorney not been a completely incompetent lawyer, which made it necessary for me to fire his firm, I would have been advised about this.

Now, my income has decreased due to having to go to medicare for medical insurance. Our son's social security cash benefits have been stopped due to moving states. And, my ex flat out refuses to pay child support for our adult disabled son. I am completely blown away that this evil man is still controlling my life in adverse ways after barely surviving his abuse for over 30 years.

When is it all going to stop?

When I am I going to be free of this narcissistic, abusive man? I can't help but wonder what else he is planning on doing to us. Was it not enough for him to disable me from working, mentally screw with my mind and financially ruin me? I am doing everything in my power to stop being a victim, but when is this all going to end?

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