Stop Domestic Abuse


Domestic Abuse is a problem faced by people all over the world. Many times the victim is too scared to speak up, other times the victim feels that he/she being abused is normal. In effort to shed light on this heartbreak epidemic a group of us have tried to share a story of will-power and inner strength that victims have to get away from such horrible situations.

Please watch this video as we try to increase awareness of domestic violence through dance.

Stay strong, we are with you!

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Most Recent Domestic Violence Stories and Posts

  1. Why I never told...

    Dec 07, 18 06:07 PM

    I never told because the first time he put his hands around my neck, I was in shock and afraid. Sure he had gotten in my face and screamed at me, but he

  2. Lashae Losing Battle - Still at War

    Dec 05, 18 09:13 PM

    It's been 15 years. We were teenagers. The first time was three months into our relationship. I was only 17 years old and did not know how to react to

  3. Constant Abuse

    Dec 05, 18 08:43 PM

    I'm 39yrs old. My abuse started when I was about five years old by my mom and dad. They would get into terrible arguments, and I would run and hide. I