by Carmela Correale

This is a Poem that I wrote in the nineties. I did not realize then, but it was about my experiences. I have no experience at writing at all. The words just came out of the blue.

It depicts my feelings with nature, perhaps because I used to work the market gardens for my parents.


Rolls of thunder -echoed out her name
Nettles paved her floors

Her every being shook so violently
Within the quaking walls

The unpredicted season's rains had early come to call

She raised her hand--to shut away the lightnings blaze

But it flashed and slashed - and dashed her
Right down to the floor

The unpredicted weather changes were all, so well predicted
So many years before

But the weatherman had promised
That good years ahead did lay in store

As thoughts flood in --fire and water make a deadly pair

She snatched a breath-- and clasped her breast
And gasped a shattered prayer

Where is my God, Where is my God, To save me from dispair

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