Checklist for Symptoms of Domestic Violence

The symptoms of domestic violence can effect women, men and even gay/lesbian couples. Every year thousands of people are victims and do not recognize the symptoms of domestic violence.

Domestic violence isn't limited only to physical abuse, it also includes emotional and verbal abuse. This can make the symptoms more difficult to recognize.

Symptoms of Domestic Violence

Below are Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Check to see if you have any of the warning signs for domestic abuse.

  1. Does your partner humiliate or put you down in front of friends and family members?
  2. Is your partner extremely jealous or possessive?
  3. Does your partner need to know where you are all the time and often check in on you?
  4. Is your view of your relationship completely different from the way your partner views your relationship?
  5. Are you starting to feel like you are losing your mind because you are starting to believe what your partner says about you?
  6. Do you do everything you can to try to make your partner happy only to hear that it's all wrong?
  7. Have you ever been afraid of your partner's temper?
  8. Have you ever not expressed your opinion or feelings because you are afraid of your partner's reaction?
  9. Does your partner act like the abusive behavior is nothing, blame you for it, or tell you that it doesn't happen?
  10. Has your partner ever threatened you with weapons of any sort?
  11. Has your partner ever threatened suicide, especially if you leave?
  12. Do you have to ask your spouse for permission to see family or friends?
  13. Is access to any money, even your paycheck or other funds, limited, or do you have to ask permission to spend anything?
  14. Do you feel totally isolated?
  15. Has your partner alienated all your friends and family?
  16. Are you confused by your partner's charming behavior in company and abusive behavior at home?
  17. Does your partner only see you or any children as property with no rights?
  18. Have you ever been forced to have intimate relations?
  19. Are you starting to believe that you are worthless and deserve this treatment?
  20. Has your partner ever destroyed your property such as ripping up your clothes or breaking sentimental items?
  21. Have you ever been denied basic necessities? For example, food being hidden so you have to ask for it.
  22. Do you feel numb or try to feel numb inside?
  23. Has your partner ever threatened to hurt or kill pets, or actually hurt your pets?
  24. Does your partner make all the decisions in your home, even the little ones?
  25. Does your partner threaten to take away your children, or tell you that you are a bad parent?
  26. Has your partner ever hit, shoved, choked or slapped you, even if they said they were just playing rough?
  27. Have you ever been afraid of your partner?
  28. Are you worried about your partner's reaction if anyone compliments you?

Do you have any of these above symptoms of domestic violence? If so, seek help at a local shelter or call a hotline?

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. It doesn't matter what your income and education level are, what your race is, or what your gender is. Abuse happens in marriages, long-term relationships, and same-sex marriages and partnerships. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you have symptoms of domestic violence and might be at risk for abuse, injury or even death. Help is available. If you are uncertain who to call, use the National System set up to connect people to help.

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