THE CONCH - Poem of Woman's inner conflicts

by Carmel

The Conch - A woman's inner conflicts

The Conch - A woman's inner conflicts

I am only - but an empty shell
But O what chasms my life's trials could fill
Locked within the confines of this spiral case
Where once was sweetness of flesh -
Now lies - just a space

Drifting - upon the seas of mind -
Way beyond my shoreline -
You pick me up with curious hand -
To save me from the shifting sands -
Study every chip and dent-
Where Shylock Seas had money lent

If only I - could have but just once - embraced -
A caressing hand and - softness of face

O tiny little fractured case -
What secrets - belie behind that face
Pressed against a lovers ear -
Murmurings - What can you hear -
Strings of wishful dreams spring and bubble forth
Drowning deep - beneath a sparring aqueous froth

And amidst the laughter - giggles and whispers intertwined
They did not hear - the waves of crashing delusions
Sinking deeper - inside this sphere


Was this my fate - to wait - and wait -
As the sombrous waves of limbo -
Keep crashing about my feet

By Carmel Aust.

A Domestic Violence Help poem contribution

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