The Quick Fix Trilogy | Episode III: Corresponding Destiny

by Truly Butler
(Bay Area, California)

Original painting/graphic art by Survivor

Original painting/graphic art by Survivor

my book review
A survivor's story by Truly Butler

It's nice to try to work things out is what my upbringing has impressed upon my heart. Hard work is something to put into anything you have found to be worth the effort. But what happens when our best attempts at "making things right" fall upon deaf ears? What do we make of the silence? How do we explain feelings of "hopelessness" to the mind that seeks reason for why there has to be no hope? Maybe just as much I as enjoy editing footage, I can piece together a story about how I ended up lost in the fragments of debris shedding from one broken man's life as hair does from a mangy dog. How I ended up cut. Why I decided to scream. And why the justice system in Barbados and my Bajan abuser aren't listening. Our focus determines our reality. I am a writer/blogger with a mission to expose the blinders preventing a progressive vision for a healthy and safe Barbados. The people, citizens and tourists, can no longer perish due to a lack of knowledge while the blind lead the blind. I am committed to raising awareness for the purposes of social reform and for the sake of Bajan children who are being abused.

Just as Frederick Douglass noted many generations before me, I too know why "it's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men". Follow me through my own paper trail as I work my mechanic skills only to end up discovering my fear of things that cannot be fixed.

The Quick Fix Trilogy (Episode III: Corresponding Destiny)

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Feb 18, 2018
Thank you
by: TK Butler

Thank you for sharing my story. So many years later but I'm forever grateful.

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