The Ray G Story

by Breonna
(Rhode Island)

It all started in Jan 2015. I was so excited. I had finally become serious with a guy named Ray that I had been on and off with for a few years. Prior to all of this happening, Ray and I had been VERY close. In 2012 I got pregnant by him but lost the baby when I was about 5 months due to stress. So in 2015 when we decided to try our relationship, again, of course I was excited.

Things were perfect at first.

He introduced me to his family. We spent everyday together. He was always around my son. I was always around his, and since he didn't have a job at the time we always had time to kind of rekindle things since it had been so long. About three months into our relationship, he got a job, which I thought was great. But clearly, I wasn't prepared for the hell that was in store.

Three weeks after he started his job that's when the arguing started. I would complain he never spent time with me, and he would complain about me complaining. One day we went out to eat with his aunt and cousin, and while we were there he called the waitress "babe", which obviously I had a problem with. In that exact moment I said "what did you call her," and suddenly his eyes went like black. He calmly said "we'll talk about it in the car." The whole time we were eating I could feel that he was mad. So once we got in the car, he instantly asked me who I thought I was reprimanding him in front of his family and me thinking nothing of it just replied with "well you called her babe and I don't like that." That's when I felt the pain from the slap. He slapped me dead across my face and told me to never embarrass him like that again. I was angry, but I kind of blew it off.

The week after it was my birthday.

(Lets jump back to February, his birthday was the 28th and I threw him a $3000 birthday party with strippers, alcohol, his friends, etc.) He called me on the morning of my birthday to tell me "HBD" and that he was out to breakfast with his mom. I was upset! How could he just take his mom out on MY birthday after all I'd done for him for his?? I was so confused. He then proceeded to tell me that he had things to do that day so he would catch up with me later. I was sooooo angry. Needless to say he didn't even spend ten minutes with me that day. I was so heartbroken and hurt.

Fast forward two weeks after,

I felt he was getting kind of distant, so one day I decided to go thru his phone. What I found was just "SMH," that I cant even put it into words. He was texting girls telling them that he had to be tested for std's because he thought he had something, and the girls were asking him if he thought they were dirty and telling him they had only been having sex unprotected with him for the past couple months. There were girls saying how they had so much fun with him and his son and how they were so happy to meet his family. I WAS STUNNNED!!! I couldn't even believe my eyes!! I just left his house and went home. The next day when I confronted him, he grabbed me by my throat and slammed me on the concrete ground. He punched me in my chest. He slapped me in my face, and then afterwards he forced me to have "make up sex" with him, unprotected. I cried the whole time.

I knew I needed to get out of the relationship, but I thought he would change. I really, really loved him, but I was afraid. I slowly started distancing myself from him, and he was doing the same. All of a sudden I wasn't allowed to be around his son or his family, so I KNEW he was cheating on me again. One day I went out with my friends, and I needed him to come pick me up after, but his phone was off. I got a ride to my car and went to his house. He had always told me if he wasn't answering for me to go thru his storm doors, and I wouldn't be a problem, so that's what I did. When I walked in I found him in the bed with a girl. Now I was REALLY PISSED. So, I went outside and popped his tires and keyed his car. I knew our relationship was over after that. But it wasn't.

We rekindled things, AFTER I got punched in my mouth and legs for "breaking into his house." So later on that day, I texted his mom and told her EVERYTHING figuring she would be a women and understand, but that's when I found out that she was another one of them pathetic females who defended her son no matter what. Because, instead of being upset for the stuff her son was doing, she was mad at ME. I wasn't allowed at her house anymore (where he lived). I couldn't even believe it. Ray ended up calling the cops on me and getting me arrested. One day we got into an argument, and he beat me with a belt. He made me have sex with him again, then took all my clothes and told me to leave. I had NO clothes on, and he wasn't about to give me them back, but still I stayed. Since after that, we STILL tried to work things out, without his family knowing, obviously.

Things were going pretty good,

and I felt bad for the damage done to his car so I started paying him back. He kept telling me he wasn't going back to court, so I didn't need to get receipts for the money I was giving him. On Halloween we got into an argument, and he stopped talking to me. That Monday was our first court date, and, since I knew he wasn't going, I figured I would just go and pay court fines and it would be over. But, when I got there, he was there, and he was going against me! Long story short,

I ended up getting in trouble

and having to pay court fines and take classes because of the devil; because of someone who was soo much less than a man. I can only blame myself because I ignored the signs. I watched him abuse his son, his sister and myself and thought nothing of it. His son had mental issues and I always thought it was because of his mother's drug habit, but now I know its because of his "father's" abuse. To this day I feel really, really bad for Ray and his son because this guy will never be anything in life but an abuser, and his son will always have to be on the receiving end of the abuse which is really sad. But me, I overcame the abuse and became a better person, I found love, REAL LOVE and have been able to keep Ray and his horrible negligent family behind.

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