The short version of my nightmare that hasn't ended YET!

My abuse happened almost 3 years ago. When we started out he was such a wonderful man, spent every day together. We had so much fun, so much smiles and laughter. I guess things never really do stay the same.

I remember the first time, I will always remember the first time. A few months into the relationship he came home drunk from partying. I foolishly attempted to get him from the car into the house without waking the whole neighborhood up. He grabbed my armed with such anger, and yanked me in the car. I was too scared to scream, to scared to do anything. I saw my mom watching from her window. She did nothing to help. He drove around the streets crazy, hitting me here and there saying "tonight we will die" & "I am going to crash this car." I should have walked away then.

A few months later, I ended up pregnant with his baby. It was his decision to abort. He controlled my mind, my thoughts, my decisions. He was very good with his words. I went about the procedure, he wasn't there for any of it. A year later the same time, i got pregnant again. Same scenario. It pains me to think, I never wanted an abortion but I let someone have that much control over me.

There was countless times where I would do nothing and get punched in the face, get beaten with shoes, kicked and thrown around. I was nothing to him, but a bank account, a place to live, and food on the table. I had barely any friends, I felt alone. What was I supposed to do? The neighbors once called the police, after hearing met screams for help. I was hit one good time to the head, blood coming down my face. The police pounded on the door, while he told me I better not say anything or else. My life was threatened either way. Put a towel on my head, opened the door. The police man knew what was going on, I guess he could see it in my eyes, but he needed me to say it. I was too scared and so they left.

I spent close to two years being beaten emotionally and physically. I had the strength to walk away and found an amazing man. But my ex won't leave me alone. Between the threats on my life, credit fraud, stole bank accounts, etc he won't go away. I shouldn't have to walk around always watching my back, but I do. I shouldn't have to have my name bashed and lies told about me and my family, but it has happened. I should have never went through this, but I did, and now I am determined to speak up and break the silence. I am stronger.

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