The Teenage Girl In Me

There is a girl inside of me ☺ I feel her so strong so young but she has never been free 😢 And all these years later I'm 39 years grown she is still here but she has been through hell 😈Love well was that love or a spell 😠 She remembers the hand you were 32 😬She was just 17 but you knew 😬She remembers the drinks because well she wanted to have fun 😐Remember she said I don't think you cute and I want no boyfriend or no one 😐Remember after the first time she never called you back 😐You set outside her parents house in front of her window she thought you were wack!😂 But somehow or other she ended up back in your jeep 😐 even though she thought he cud be a creep😬 When the first hit happened I'm not quite sure 😢But they came with threats like I will hurt your family more 😢😢 And so silence from her family was bought and she never said a word when she walked in the door 😢 He wanted to know where are you going to 😬And if he wanted you to go you were going too!😬😢 you could stand outside and say look I can't talk to you 😬And get dragged away from home whenever he wanted too😢😢 But the girl put on a smile and made the best of it ☺😢And yes sometimes just said who cared and talked shit 😬😂😢 She learned who had the real control 😠😠😠And learned adapted and got sucked in to the role 😐😐 The role of thinking she was anything other then a victim a partner she fooled herself yes 😬 Then what do you know but she is 19 and pregnant and your a cheat 😠😤So she walks pregnant to confront you and you attack her baby inside her belly too😢😢😢 This time you say Remember how good it used to be as you are on top of her why she crying 😢😢And now this 19 year old girl inside is dying 😢😢😢She hears the phonecall of one of your family members in the other room 😢😢He gonna kill the pregnant girl she is suffocating crying dying and her whole world is doom 😢😢😢Then you just get off and hey let me take you home 😢😢 silently not talking just hoping to get home I walk in gloom😢😢 but I have no will no more its all him so I walk into my house and don't say a word 😢😢Now we skip to years later and its three kids and your family around at house ☺☺☺ They sitting downstairs on the couch and you call me upstairs gloom fades in I'm quiet like a mouse 😢😢And I'm getting choked on a bathroom sink and your having sex with me 😢😢Then go downstairs put your smile on so they don't see 😢😢Dont see the twenty something year old dying don't hear the teenage girl crying 😢😢But if I tell and when I do I'm lying 😢😢And now we skip to to your gone and its no more anything ☺☺☺Problem is its like I'm connected to you with a string 😢😢And its like I'm branded by you and I can't undo this 😢😢😢😢you abused on end so whats to miss 😢😢 and now the girl in me you trapped with violence well she shattered and died so many ways 😢 😠😠😠 its like she's been dead all of her days 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

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