There is Always a Way Out

by Norma

This will be the best and only advice you will ever need to escape abuse. First, put yourself first, because if you don't, how do you expect anyone else to. Be selfish for once. Do what you want to do. Never put someone first who doesn't deserve you. There are only two types of people in this world: givers and takers.

The takers only think of themselves. They are so self-obsessed they will even hurt people who love them. These takers are clever. They are there for you at you weakest. They help you so you are blinded by their true intentions. Once they help you, you now feel like you will need to return the kindness one day.

Then you have the givers. These people put others first before themselves. Sometimes to people that don't deserve their kindnesses, but they do anyway because givers take pleasure in helping others and will always put others first. This is the reason for most domestic violence cases. You have the victor who is kind, who puts the abuses needs first, who feels compassion for the abuser because a giver can't understand how someone could hurt others, because they have the complete opposite mind. So, the victim then puts the abuser's life first, trying to save them. And, the abuser / taker plays on this and takes. Uses them, but does it in a way the victim is blinded, only trying to see the good.

This is what happens when a giver tries to help a taker. They will try until they realize that some people will just go through life looking for someone to use to their advantage. Until a giver experiences someone using them, and then finds some one who will put others befor them. Once you become aware, some people will just use, and some people just want help. You can start to live a happier life because you won't let yourself become a victim again, and you will only give your time to people who deserve it. But, you need to realise that you control every part of your life. No one else. Even if you feel trapped and you will never be free, you will if you make yourself. Only you control you!

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