Two years of hell.

by Jessica Kelly
(Los Angeles, USA)

I was in an abusive relationship for two years. I stayed because I moved across the country to be with a boyfriend and the only people I knew were his friends.

When I finally tried to tell others about the abuse, my boyfriend said I was lying and overreacting. I became the bad guy. He told others that I was lazy because I didn't work (something he wanted) and that this is the thanks he got after taking care of me for two years. His friends shunned me. Some called me names and accused me of trying to ruin his life, when in reality, he was ruining mine.

I started recording our fights. This particular fight I finally called the police because he threw my phone at my face so hard I needed stitches. I just want someone to listen to know what I went through. Just a warning, this might be a trigger for some.

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by: Anonymous

Interesting story.....

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