Very Confused

by Veronica
(Fresno California)

First of all the guy that I was with starting in the last month of 2009 until late in the year of 2014. Even now, he still calls me. His name is Robert (redacted). He is a father of 3 girls: Kellie, Lilly & Alyssa. When we first dated he convinced me that his ex wife had left him. I later found out she passed away in the apartment that I moved into just two weeks after she passed. Truthfully, I believe he killed her, but there's never been proof. But she is beautiful, and I feel so bad.

What the Flip, What to Do

He is just flipped the more I found out things about him. The saddest thing is we went to trial and he won after 5 years of abuse. I lost all of my friends. He would cause scenes in public, sleep next to my window, and go through my garbage. He called my kid's school and said I used drugs and left the kids alone. All the time he called my friends work and got them fired. He would sneak in my house, and I would find him sleeping in my closet. He would get mad if I had a male doctor. He would hit me all the time, pull my hair, push me, rape me, and choke me. He cheated all the time. He stole money and my kids electronics. He would show up everywhere. I supported him for the entire time. I had five miscarriages. He went through my phone. He broke 12 cell phones. He put hickeys on me all the time. He broke my tv's, dvd's, and DVD player. He took my phone. I wasn't allowed to go anywhere alone or to have my phone on silent or vibrate. He called me a whore, slut, bitch, and cunt. He broke my windows. He used meth and so much more. Now, he is dating a woman with kids named Amber and Hobbs, and I'm so scared for her, but what can I do.

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