Walking On Eggshells

by James Marrelli

The author of Walking on Eggshells, Jim Marrelli, says “I hope this book will give inspiration to the thousands of individuals who have suffered abuse and violence at the hands of their parents.” His is one of many domestic violence stories that shows how being a man does not mean that one cannot suffer.

As one Amazon reviewer states:

This is a real account of one man's journey and battle with depression that should be a reminder to people every where to not just pay attention to how we talk and treat little girls or young women. Men have feelings too and often display (or hide) their emotions creating a potential fire storm in a man's future life. In a world where men are killing movie goers or school children or airport workers, we all need to educate ourselves on the importance of mental health. We can all aide in the prevention of the next suicide or mass killing or on a smaller level divorce, if we learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness as well as pay attention to how we speak to men. I have grown up in a family surrounded by depression but reading this book helped me understand the levels that are involved and that like women, men are looking to have someone to hold and love even though they didn't grow up idolizing princesses. Well done and thanks for being real!!!

James went on to become a firefighter and paramedic involved in making life or death decisions under very difficult circumstances. He never dreams that he would gain the skills to handle a job that requires a sense of calm and confidence under pressure after his abused childhood. Now, he has earned the coveted Firefighter of the Year Award. His book is revealing and heartbreaking, while inspiring. Long term psychological damage inflicted by years of mental and physical abuse does not have to be the end of the line. The damage can be dealt with through struggling and fighting back to under the pain, as this book chronicles.

As more people read and relate to domestic violence stories like James', the world can be a better place for children, parents can be better, and hope can be gained. Read this one young man's true story of his own personal war between the mind and the heart as he faced traumatic events from early childhood in 1974 to the year 1998 when he is forced to come to terms with the events that shaped his life. This is a true story showing how a relationship between a wounded man and loving wife can overcome the heavy weight of the past.

Feedback from others:

"This was a great, well written and captivating book."
"Could not put it down for a second!"
--Interesting story line--
"Honestly, I did not want the book to end."
"You won'be dissapointed for purchasing this book."
"Thank You Mr. Marrelli for such an uplifting story."

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