What If He Did It Before

by A. E. Taylor

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Compelling, Interesting, Riveting

Newly released on Amazon Ebooks for Kindle, “What If He Did It Before” by A.E. Taylor. A fictional account of the similarities between the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldberg and the death of Aaren Simpson in 1979. Who knew there was a death at Rockingham years before the crime of the century?

What if in each murder he used the same exact route in and out of Rockingham? What if in each murder he used his “weapon”, running to affect his covert activity? What if in each murder he made it seem that he was out of the state when it happened? What if in each murder he was out of town when he was “informed”? What if in each circumstance when he faced the certainty of his wife leaving him did he turn violent? What if each time when he was losing control did he lose control?

What if when he was losing something he felt was his he resorted to the techniques of a street gang member from San Francisco and took it back, forcefully and violently? What if in 2007 he got together a gang of his friends. Told them to bring guns and rushed into a hotel room and demanded “his” property? What if he gave that same property Robert Kardasian years previously, shortly after the criminal trial and before the civil trial? What if Robert sold that property and they split the money?

What if on February 11, 2008 OJ’s current girlfriend Christine Prody, was found in a parking lot of a gas station in Miami FL with a severe head injury? What if her body was covered in bruises? What if OJ’s statement to the police was that she falls down a lot?

What if he had gotten away with Aaren’s murder so easily that he felt he could get away with Nicole’s murder just as easily? What if he did it before?

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