When he didn't hit me I thought he stopped loving me...

by A Lot Smarter Now
(Norwalk CA USA)

So, as usual, I met a man, we were with each other for a little over two years, of course, we were not boyfriend and girlfriend, and of course, he was with a handful or two other girls. I was only with him. I fell for him, and why not I'm not going to sugar coat it or lie the sex was the greatest I had ever had, we never fought, and he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world the most beautiful most wanted and needed.

Until well I got pregnant, that's when I found out about all the other woman he was sleeping with, but I kept allowing him to come and go as he pleased. He ended up one night calling me horrible names, like stupid bitch and whore and telling me how none of his family liked me, how I was nothing to him. Of course, I've got a big mouth, and I ran it right back, calling him the same names just as if we were in elementary school. That's when he grabbed my hair and continued to hit me in the head, seems like he didn't like being disrespected.

One time when our son was about one, I lived with my older brother and my mom and my son. Well, when he was about one year old, my nephew came over and needed a ride up the street to get dropped off at his friend's house my brother asked me if I could give him a ride 3 blocks away if even that. I told my brother I didn't want to wake up my son. He said it's "OK your going to be gone for what not even five mins I will go into the living room with him in case he wakes up while your gone." I said, "ok that's fine..." Well in the 3 minutes I was gone my son's dad shows up and sees that our son is asleep since my brother let him come into our home and he asks my brother where I was he said where I had went that's just when I got back.

About ten mins had passed since I was back from dropping off my nephew, and my son's dad looks at me and asks me if I can take him to the liquor store and by then my mom had gotten home. She said she would watch our son. So without questioning it, I said "ok." I and he went outside walked over to my car, and he says to me can he drive. I said ok. We get into my car, and he starts going the opposite direction of the store. So I asked, where we are going. He didn't answer me. He just said I want to show you something. He goes to this school parking lot. I said, why are we here. It was, I don't know, maybe around 8 pm by then. He parks the car, and I ask again what are we doing here. I tell him we should go back to the house, what if the baby woke up? He starts attacking me inside of my car punching me, hitting me, yelling at me "that I don't care about our son." I left him with my brother and took off to be with someone else. By then I'm yelling and screaming trying to get out of the car, and I can't. He keeps hitting me over, and over.

Finally, I get my door open, but before I could jump out, he starts moving the car. He still kept hitting me and had me by my hair. I'm trying to scratch or hit or bite him, but he wouldn't let go of my hair. Finally, a car was coming in our direction. He let go of my hair, and I jump out of my car. I took off running, bleeding. He drives over to where I am in the parking lot, and he gets out of the car and starts hitting me again over and over, yelling for me to get back inside so he can take me to his mom's house so I can get cleaned up before I go home. I wouldn't get back inside my car. That's when a man pulls up to the curb and yells "hey leave her alone."

I called the cops. I take off, and he took off in the other direction I made it home before my son woke up, but an hour later without my car, my mom opened the front door and seen me full of blood and tears and my hair all messy from being pulled so much.

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An abuser is always an abuser
by: Funmi

An abuser is always an abuser so don't try to change him or think is all your fault. I cannot imagine risking your life to that extent. I think you need to think about your happiness, your baby and your family member. is your relationship healthy or unhealthy?

Try and read this up online, 'Cycle of violence' I hope this will help you in taking a right decision.

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