Wrong Night in Shining Armor

by Tina

My ex-husband and I were high school sweethearts or should I say middle school. We started to date when we where only fourteen years old. He was my everything through high school. We broke up and got back together multiple times. When I turned 18, I went into the Military. When I got back from deployment I reunited with my ex-husband. I thought it was everyone's fairytale come true. I had envisioned marrying him when I was fourteen. Everything was going great. My ex decided he would go into the Army, and we could be dual Military.

The first time my ex showed any kind of violence towards me is when he shoved me holding our daughter. The second time is when I was holding my son, as I was arguing with him and he shoved us. The domestic and verbal abuse got worse. It went from shoving to punching me in back of head, face, and body. Anything I would say would be the reasoning behind me getting assaulted both verbally and physically. I had tried to leave him on multiple occasions. Some way I would break down and forgive him. I eventually got use to everything been my fault and that maybe my mouth deserved me getting the abuse I did.

After about a year of Physical abuse when my ex-husband left the Army I had found out he was into prescription medication abuse, that led to heroin use through introvenious. The domestic violence and physical abuse carried on for about 3 years until I decided enough was enough after 80 percent of my face had been colored because of an argument on my birthday. My ex had taken 300 dollars of my money and blew it on prescription drugs. He never held a job. When I would get onto him about getting a job, the fights would get fierce.

No woman or man should have to endure the pain and embarrassments that I went through. I feel it will help me by sharing my story.

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