You told me you would stop.

Well I'm now 16, but at the age of 15 I went through what no young girl well what anybody should go through!

I've been put in hospital by him 4 times and I keep running back, why? I care about him, clearly more then he cares about me!

What I'm about to share with you is the worst of many that I went through.

One morning we woke up and I rolled over to cuddle into his chest, but I forgot he had sore ribs because of a fight he gotten into days earlier. He instantly woke up and pushed me away by my face and I said 'I'm sorry I forgot I'm so so sorry' then he replied 'Ya f**king stupid sl*t' then punched me a few times in the mouth and eyebrow (Because I have my eyebrow pierced). All I could do was curl up into a ball and cover my face, then he stopped and was begging for forgiveness, and I yelled back at him 'Are you kidding me, No go out into the the lounge room so I can get all my stuff and go without you begging me to stay like every other time.' Then he got angry and stood up and kicked me in the gut, so I curled back into a ball. Because he couldn't get me in the gut he started booting me in the back and stomping on my head. I can't really remember much after that other than me sitting in the corner of his room crying. I could hear his dad outside of his door yelling, asking if I was okay, and I yelled out 'I'm fine I'm fine he just hit me in his sleep while he was rolling over it just really hurt that's all.'

Then his dad said 'okay then darling just come out here if you want anything' then he walked away from the door. Then, my boyfriend at time told me not to leave the room all day so I crawled over to his mattress on the ground and laid down. I couldn't walk. He had done something to my back every time I tried to sit up the pain put me in tears.

A few hours later I yelled out to him asking him to help me to the toilet because I was in so much pain. When I was just about to walk into the toilet, I turned and looked at the mirror. My lip was swollen, I had bruises all over my face, and I had dry blood coming from my mouth and eyebrow piercing going down to my chest. I lifted up my shirt and I had bruises on my ribs and all over my back. I turned to him and said 'I thought you said you would never hurt me again' and started crying. Then he cuddled into me and looked at me with tears in his eyes and he said 'Please don't leave me', and I started to try and walk myself to the toilet because I didn't want him touching me.

A week after that I was still bruised all over, and I could still barely walk. I waited for him to go for a drive with his uncle and tried running to my mum's friends just around the corner. I was crying at the time because of the pain in my back, but I got away and my mum came to get me and I told her straight away 'I need to go the the hospital'

4 days spent in the hospital, I had cracked ribs, permanent nerve damage in my mouth/Lip, a ripped muscle in my back and a popped blood vessel in my right eye.

The meaning of this is: actions speak louder the words.

He doesn't love you if he hurts you mentally or physically.

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