Domestic Violence Story From C

It is Christmas, and I am waiting to die. I broke up with my boyfriend Thursday night because I'd caught him lying and cheating AGAIN.

He assaulted me the first time in Oct. 2014. I called the police but he lied, and police ended up arresting ME. His story didn't match the physical evidence, and I had texts and voicemails to contradict what he told police. I eventually beat the criminal case but in the meantime lost my job because my employer "relied on the police report" and not the physical evidence or my doctor/dentist reports. After threatening to sue, I got my job back but not back pay for the period unemployed. The lack of income left me financially dependent on my abuser.

When I caught him lying the other day I told him we were through. He kept insisting we talk but I didn't want to. He has since stalked me at my job, attempted to run me off the road, stalked me at my house and yesterday tried to stab me in the leg with an ice pick at a gas station. Luckily he caught the inner seam of my jeans, so the injury was not serious, but I was on the phone with my daughter when this happened. She lives 3000 miles away. Imagine hearing your mother screaming and pleading and not being able to do a thing. My abuser stole my phone, so for about an hour, my daughter didn't know if I was alive or dead.

I can't go home because I feel he's lurking waiting to catch me. I can't go to work for the same reason. The police could have done a better job in 2014 instead of falling for "the woman scorned" gag. Once my abuser portrayed me as at fault, the police bought it pretty much without question. This had a domino effect. I am leery of the justice system. I know J is going to kill me. I just don't know when and I am petrified. I can't hide forever. I don't want to die, but I've given up hope for help. I only hope it's painless.

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