My husband My enemy

by Kenisha
(California )

My story is simple. I'm married to a man that has stated: He is one with our son. If I do not want to be married to him, then I don't get to be a mother, and he has run off with him for a month with the judge ordering the abduction unit to look for him and return our son. He will stop at nothing to keep our son from me if I do not halt the divorce. He proved his threat by calling CPS on me then recanting, but they have given me a hard time, been rude, and even kept my son away from me for a week telling me to pump my milk for him for later, as if CPS needs to tell a breastfeeding mom these things. I'm back and forth to two different courts, but I believe that All things all possible through Christ, and I will never stop fighting for my son.

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