Domestic Violence in Marriage and Religion

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Domestic violence in marriages is sometimes wrongfully justified by religion. Even though it might not make a lot of sense to some people, there are many abusers that will use the Bible to excuse the abuse of their spouse. They say that they are given the right to do what they are doing and that it is the will of God. 

Religious Subjugation is Abuse

This religious subjugation is yet another form of abuse as control is taken thanks to the fear and religious views of both spouses. Many in the public, media and government debate the correlation between religion and domestic violence, but very few if any scientific studies have been completed to resolved these questions. Yet, anecdotal evidence suggests a relationship between religion and violence in some cultures. Usually, when religion is used to provide a more patriarchal society with less equality, domestic violence by men against women is perceived to be a greater problem. Wikipedia includes articles on Christianity and Domestic Violence and Islam and Domestic Violence, which explore the religious issues involved.

Domestic Violence is Never Justifiable Because of Culture or Religion

The thing is though; domestic violence is never okay, no matter what a religious teacher says or what you read. Too many people will take things out of context in order to support their hidden agenda, such as the abuse and control of a spouse.

It is important to remember that there are a lot of religions that are used as a scapegoat for the violence in marriages. However, according to truth of Psalm 11:5, "The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked and those who love violence his soul hates." It is easy to find in nearly all religions that unwarranted violence against the innocent is simply something that is not tolerated.

Domestic Violence in Marriage - They Should Not Co-Exist

Most Often, Your Local Religious Leader Can be a Good Resource for Help

Use your good judgement, but if you have questions or concerns and need domestic violence help, it is appropriate to consider consulting with your trusted religious leader. Often times, you need the counseling of someone other than your abusive spouse in order to understand where you fit and where your spouse's abusive behavior fits when it comes to domestic violence in a marriages. A good religious leader or pastor will help you find refuge from abuse, even when related to domestic violence and marriage and the related religious vows.

If you are unsure about the sincerity, compassion or counseling ability of your spiritual leader, then professional help should be sought as a complement to spiritual help. In fact, any good spiritual leader will recommend that you involve other professionals and will usually assist you in making referrals to other shelters and counselors. If you do not receive such referrals, your internal alarms should be alerted. As a general rule, always contact a local, state or national domestic violence shelter or hotline to seek wise counsel. Your local minister or spiritual leader should be a person who can help you find these domestic violence resources.   

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