Simmons School of Social Work Hosts GDVH Report

On the Ongoing Relationship Between Poverty and Domestic Violence

This recent guest article by an editor of GDVH discusses three initial fronts in a war against domestic violence.

First, the global community must continue to emphasize reduction in poverty through efforts such as the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals and new post-2015 development goals.

Second, the community must establish a clear network of financial support for victims of domestic violence to prevent relapse into poverty or return to abuse, thus breaking the domestic violence and poverty cycle.

Third, the community must address children who are victims of abuse to change future cultural attitudes.

Without addressing poverty, the author does not feel that efforts to stem the tide of domestic violence will be successful. The stress of the poverty and the entrapment of the impoverished in bad relationships, make the war on poverty a battlefront against this costly problem.

Read the full article about the fight against domestic violence and poverty here.

More information from GDVH about the relationship of poverty and domestic violence.

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