Why Domestic Violence Can't Be Stopped

by Julie

Ever wonder why Domestic Violence seems to continue to rise within the United States even though there are endless marketing and educating and resources supposedly to assist the abused to recognize and escape the abuser?

I can tell you from my personal experience the very top reason that Domestic Violence will never stop no matter how much the victims scream for help.

I was married to an abuser. Even after the divorce and his re-marriage, he continues to abuse, but at least its without the physical part. He abused our children, he abused his prior wife and her child, and then when our daughter was murdered in a domestic violence situation, he now speaks and inputs himself into any and every domestic violence event that will let him use her death as his ego trip.

My child, an Army Nurse, died at the hands of her husband. Her father made her no stranger to domestic violence. He tried to throw her out of a two story bedroom window, and then threatened us if we didn't stop the police call. Yes, now this man, the wolf in sheep's clothing, makes a mockery out of all of us that he and others have abused. Yet, he makes no mention of the abuses he did upon us, the broken bones, the shame, the berating, the deprivation, and on and on. He only proclaims that he does this in honor of his daughter and to save some one else. It is not to save anyone, it is a throne for him to show all that truly know him how much we remain unheard and how much he can manipulate.

He wins!

His step daughter is so distraught over his most recent Youtube lies that she is inconsolable and wants her story of broken bones and broken spirit told, but there is no one to hear her or me, just him and his lies. There is no hope for domestic violence victims, because our society allows people like him to control and manipulate and won't face the facts that "HE" is the model of which they warn all from while they embrace and protect him.

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Sep 29, 2014


Oct 01, 2014
Letting go of a Lunatic
by: Anonymous

I find that most abusers are very charming and persuasive, they have to be to get away with all the pain and suffering they inflict on us I've escaped twice in my life once as an eleven year old and again as a 63 year old bouth times leaving everything behind it takes some time to let go and to do some healing and even to find some compassion for somebody who acts and just might be a lunatic.

Oct 03, 2014
Let Holley rest in peace
by: Anonymous

Please Do Not believe this just because it is written by her mother. So many lies and this is just hurting Holly's memory for her own mothers gain.

Oct 03, 2014
liar...disgrace to holley
by: Anonymous

All lies. This shouldn't be allowed. And u should not believe a word of what she says.

Oct 03, 2014
by: Holley's Mother

Very Interesting Beaux, very interesting. Any time Jesse James wants to take a polygraph, let us all know- but we already know that a narcissist cant pass one. Only persons not being truthful is Jesse James, cant hide everything including documents from Quantico...amazing the information the US Army does retain.

Oct 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

So sad that Holleys mother thinks this is ok. Maybe she should tell the stories of the abuse she caused Holley.

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