Wrongfully abused

by Jeanne H.
(Tennessee )

Victim Arrested for Domestic Violence

Victim Arrested for Domestic Violence

I was attacked by my boyfriend he pushed me shoved me and hit me because I was yelling at him. I feared for my safety when he choked me to the point of pissing myself and that’s when I grabbed the tin snips to try and get him off me.

He then slammed my hand down fracturing it extensively and began beating me in my face and head and neck. My 13-year-old son came out of his room crying, mama. I did call 911. I was reassured when my boyfriend got up off me and went outside awaiting the cops.

After we both spoke with the police, I was arrested and taken to jail where I was released on bond with conditions and have been assigned a no-contact order refusing me all rights to my home or telephone. I have been charged with aggravated assault (domestic style).

Since then DCS have investigated some, but my son remains without his mother. His location and whereabouts are unknown and concerning.

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May 06, 2021
So Disappointing NEW
by: Anonymous

It's so sad that you get the punishment for self-defense. It just goes to show how messed up the system is nowadays.

Oct 31, 2019
This Happens Often Now...
by: JG Hemlock

The wrong person is often arrested in many cases of Domestic Violence. There are various reasons on how this happens--but yes it does happen!

Sometimes the perpetrator is able to manipulate the child into speaking a lie out of fear. If a child has already seen the perpetrator hit-punch-kick their mom/dad in the past, they may be terrified to speak the truth.

Many police officers don't understand the dynamics of abuse upon a victim, or they have a prejudiced beliefs from their own private life. The officer may believe the perpetrator because the victim has lost control from the abuse. The police officer only sees the aftermath of a person who is in emotional tatters, often shock, crying, and screaming. It sways them to believe the wrong person.

It doesn't help that the perpetrator is calm, methodical and knows that they can manipulate the attending officer. The more psychopathic and narcissistic the abuser is, the better the 'act' when the police arrives. These types of abusers are actually the most dangerous.

It would be in your best interest to get counseling and remain calm at all times. Do not let your anger over the wrong arrest become misdirected at the courts, counselors, mutual friends, or even yourself. Yes. It is normal to be angry but don't have your emotional melt downs in front of anyone.

It will only reaffirm the abuser's accusations. The abuser knows the truth but they also know how to manipulate your emotions. The perpetrator will be attempting to manipulate your emotions in front of others! You are dealing with a professional of abuse!

Pray for self control, peace, comfort and be conscientiously calm at all times. Think before speaking and acting at all times! Keep this in your thoughts at all time. It will be used against you if you lose control of your emotions. Emotions are fleeting and they will trick you into presenting yourself in a bad light.

You have already identified that he is an abuser, liar, manipulator and he had no problem placing you in jail unjustly. If you are in the USA, you now have no protection due to the DV gun laws. You also don't have the police on your side! You are not allowed to own protection at this time.

Know your enemy! To know an abuser is to think as he would and know his next steps. This is so important! Please take each of your steps very carefully, methodically, intellectually and push away the terrible emotions of injustice from your assessment of him. Many women who did not tread carefully with their abuser have sadly lost their lives due to injustices like yours. They had the courts and police in their back pockets.

(((Big HUGS from JG Hemlock!)))

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Amen?

Oct 07, 2019
by: Anonymous

this happened to me too.

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